Monday, October 27, 2008

25 Year High School Reunion: Hadn't planned on going, but then learned my dear friend Jill was coming up from Georgia. Since I haven't seen Jill and her husband Randy in 10 years (!) I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. Dragged my faithful hubby along and actually had a really good time. Realized that I have only one regret from High School years: that I didn't get to know more people better. Yes, there were definitely some unkind people from those years, and most of them are still shallow and mean. But there were a lot more people who are really deserving of attention; people with stories and hopes and dreams and fears. I cherish Jill and John and Howard and James and Roxana: the friends who saw me through to the end. But how I wish I'd been able to connect better with Dave A. and Dave K., Bridget, Kerri, Stephanie, Wendy, Joe and Scott and all the great kids from Choir, Band and the musical. What a gift we are given, and what a privilege it is to be in relationship with others.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Today is the day to bless the candles as we move from darkness into light. 40 days ago the Christ Child was born. What can a groundhog tell us about our future? It's all connected: the weather, the animals, the faith and the candles. He will be a light in our darkness, a certain hope, and all creation will behold his glory. Raise your candles high in the darkness and sing a song of hope. Spring is coming (is it up ahead, around a corner, or following on the wind?). The darkness will flee away and there will be new life.

Talking Faith

I dream of a world where individuals are not afraid to speak of faith; where God Talkers will not be treated as freaks or dismissed as irrational idiots. I dream a world where all God Talkers can share ideas even if in disagreement with one another. I dream a world where people will talk about their faith and share with others and not be judged or judgemental. What would you say if you knew no one would judge your words? What authentic experiences would you share if you could be completely honest? What do you believe and disbelieve? Will you dream with me? Will you Talk of God Encounters and not be afraid?